Unleash Your Sexy is 4 Years Old

unleash your sexy 4 year anniversary

Four and a half years ago I was struggling. Struggling to find more meaning in my work. Struggling to find more happiness in my life. I had recently completed graduate school, after working many long years in advertising. I was doing the consulting work I thought I wanted to be doing, but something was missing. …

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2016: Wild & Free

2016 Wild & Free

I don’t set resolutions for the new year. I sent intentions, mantras, and words to live by.  2015 mantra: Nourish 2014 mantra: Act with love 2013 mantra: Health & Happiness 2012 mantra: Sexy Success My 2016 mantra is below so you can skip ahead to that. Here is my recap of 2015. Nourish. 2015 called …

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