Breathe it in, Savor this moment

the kittery mint and green tea

Inhale. Exhale. Are you here? Or are you there? Inhale. Open your ribs. Feel the air flow throughout. Exhale. Slowly, carefully, mindfully. This moment. Here and now. Where you are. Are you here? Or are you there? Inhale. Feel the air in your back. Let it open you up. Exhale. Slowly, carefully, mindfully. Are you …

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Unleash Your Sexy is 4 Years Old

unleash your sexy 4 year anniversary

Four and a half years ago I was struggling. Struggling to find more meaning in my work. Struggling to find more happiness in my life. I had recently completed graduate school, after working many long years in advertising. I was doing the consulting work I thought I wanted to be doing, but something was missing. …

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