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You know what to do.

But you’re not doing it.


If you actually took the time to move.

If you actually took a moment to breathe.

If you actually prioritized your own health and wellbeing.

You know you’d sleep better, your back would stop aching, you’d be less stressed, you’d lose the muffin top, you’d see your abs, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to go on that impromptu beach trip to Miami…

And you’d get your energy back.


You want to feel light, fun, and free.

You want to wear sexy clothes and high heels.

You want to feel confident in the fitting room… and the bedroom.

You want to crave exercise.

You want to look in the mirror and love what you see.

You want to accept yourself.

And you really want to feel like you again.

But you don’t know how to get yourself there.


That’s exactly why I created the UNLEASH YOUR SEXY Program. In one-on-one coaching and fitness training, we unleash your potential. Unleash your desires.

Unleash your sexy.


the unleash your sexy program

Lifestyle Coaching + Fitness Training

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Find Your Center and Create Your Mantra

(One Coaching Session)

Are your thoughts spiraling out of control? Are you scared of the future? Need a boost of confidence? Want to know you’re headed in the right direction? The Find Your Center single session is designed to calm your mind in a stressful, anxious, or confusing situation.

I help walk you through your thoughts and feelings, so you can immediately feel better, breathe easier, and center yourself. Plus, I’ll take you step-by-step in creating your very own mantra to hold close to your heart when you need it most.

How it works: You apply. I email you to say hello, how are you, and ask why you want this session. You schedule your session in my calendar. We get on the phone for 60 minutes to talk about what’s bothering you, how we can make it better, and you’ll walk away with your own personal mantra to use whenever these thoughts come creeping back in. Read testimonials here.

One-hour Coaching Session | Audio Recording

$250 USD

Please be aware that my time zone is CET (Central European Time) and that I conduct sessions between 9:00am and 19:00 (7:00pm) CET. Click here to find your time zone and how it corresponds with CET.


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The Unleashed Experience

Live Balanced, Centered, and Sexy & Fall in Love With Movement (Coaching + Fitness Training)

Turn who you want to be into who you are. Achieve the healthy, indulgent life you desire. Radiate beauty and elegance. Own your evolution.

The Unleashed Experience Program is for anyone who wants to create a big change in their lives. Feel completely out of balance? Letting stress and anxiety overwhelm your being? Lacking confidence and self-esteem? Believing negative and self-limiting thoughts? Letting fear hold you back from living your life? Eating crappy food and barely moving your body?

Together, we design your ideal lifestyle. You’ll do things for yourself. Remain calm and feel centered. Approach life situations differently. Define your own success and live it. Love and accept yourself. And become the beautiful, happy person you are meant to be.

Coaching: Working together during one-hour coaching sessions, you will: focus on what lights your fire every single day, find your center and achieve inner peace, and embrace the secrets to exuding confidence. I help you believe in balance, rule your thoughts, nourish your body, and fall in love with movement. LEARN MORE

Common Side Affects: Waking up calm and ready for the day, a good night’s sleep not interrupted by mind spins, actually starting and completing a goal you’ve wanted to do forever but weren’t doing it, eating healthier by choice naturally, becoming addicted to exercise, more energy, more love, more of what you want out of life.

Fitness: Moving your body not only helps you lose weight, stand taller, and gain strength—it also reduces stress, clears your mind, and makes you happy. Sounds like a win-win to me. If you want to tone up, build strength, lose weight, reduce stress, stand straighter, be more flexible, and feel sexy in your body but have no idea how, then personal training is for you.

Common Side Affects: Tighter abs, stronger arms, toned legs, and lifted butt. Increased flexibility, muscle tone, strength. You’ll also be happier, sleep better, laugh more, and be centered in stressful situations. LEARN MORE

The Unleashed Gold Program is designed to create a life you love in a shorter amount of time…within three coaching sessions and six fitness sessions.

  • (3) 60-minute Coaching Sessions on Phone/Skype | Audio Recording
  • (6) 45-minute sessions on Skype | Video Recording | Written Workout Plan
  •  Investment: $1,350 USD

The Unleashed Platinum Program is designed to go deep and create long-lasting shifts that you can maintain…within six coaching sessions and twelve fitness sessions.

  • (6) 60-minute Coaching Sessions on Phone/Skype | Audio Recording
  • (12) 45-minute Personal Training Sessions on Skype | Video Recording | Written Workout Plan
  • Investment: $2,700 USD



How it works: We talk for 30 minutes, free, to get to know one another.

You schedule your coaching sessions in my calendar when it’s convenient for you. We get on the phone for 60 minutes per session to talk about how to live the balanced, centered, and sexy life you deserve. You’ll walk away with my best tips and tricks. Each session is based on what you want to talk about. I help you where you’re stuck. My clients have walked away feeling energized, enlightened, peaceful, and happy. (to name a few core feelings) Read more testimonials here.

You schedule your training sessions in my calendar when it’s convenient for you. We get on Skype video for approximately 45 minutes per session to exercise together. I show you the moves and you do them with me. I make sure you have proper form. Each training session is based on your favorite way to exercise, while I add in some fun moves. My clients have walked away feeling energized, clear-minded, less stressed, stronger, and lighter. (to name a few core feelings) Read more testimonials here.

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